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Hi, I’m Sheila.

Do you want to scale your business to seven or eight figures with a proven process for generating and converting high ticket sales on demand?

My Story

Before generating a six-figure income part-time.  

Before becoming #1 in the country in sales.

Before training nationally ranked sales teams.

Before becoming a seven-figure business owner. 

Before developing multimillion-dollar marketing systems.

I was never one to follow a pre-determined path. 

Throughout my sales career, I always had a knack for successfully finding the untested, untried opportunities. The "low hanging fruit" that nobody else seemed to notice.

My mindset has always been- why compete when you can create? 

It wasn't always perfect; there was plenty of rejection and failure along the way.


Over time I had learned to follow a process that would always lead me to succeed in whatever venture I sought to pursue, although highly profitable the method to my madness was reasonably straightforward. 

     Create a solution where there is no competition.

     Master the human connection.


     Generate small wins to create opportunity for big wins. 

     Stop trading time for money.


     Create a system to duplicate the process.


     Maximize revenue streams and scale. 


I soon discovered... 




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Sheila Swinney

High Ticket Sales Coach, Marketer & Strategist, SEO/Lead Generation Expert, Video Sales Creator,  

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